Maintaining the Pristine

Appearance of Concrete Surfaces

One of the most instant ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to have the sidewalks and driveway power-washed. Years of dirt, grime, oil deposits, and other pollutants, combined with the moisture of Houston’s climate, can create an unsightly image, not to mention a slippery hazard for anyone walking on the surface whenever it is wet.

The use of professional cleaning equipment allows us to remove the buildup of these deposits with a uniform finish and prevent any wand marks, or tiger stripes, on the finished surface. Clean, mildew-free concrete removes the slippery fall hazard as well as adds years back to the appearance of your property.

More often than not, driveways are the first impression of a house’s/building’s looks and can reflect a poor image of that property if not properly maintained.

Unfortunately, driveways can become full of caked-on dirt, grime, and algae (slippery fall hazards) from the daily traffic that goes across them or from improper irrigation runoff.

The moist and humid climate of Houston is the ideal setting for mold and algae to take over that once-clean driveway.

If you belong to an HOA or some sort of Civic Association, they oftentimes frown upon neglected and dirty-looking driveways and, in turn, will send you a violation letter.

Your property’s curb appeal can be instantly revived with a proper and professional driveway wash from the good guys at Power Washing Houston with our professional-grade equipment. Our process will not only make your driveway come to life again, but it will also make you fall in love with your property’s curb appeal all over again.

​Let us clean your driveway with our high-volume/low-pressure flat surface cleaners for a more even finish (no “tiger stripes”), which will produce an even brighter shine!