Everything You Need To Know

About Soft Washing

Mildew, pollen, dirt, grime, and algae collect on your home’s siding, and when left unattended, it becomes an eyesore that takes away from your home’s curb appeal.

Besides being a killer to your home’s curb appeal, the green mold can also be a health hazard, especially for the home’s occupants, as it is possible for these spores to enter into the home, causing respiratory problems for whoever breathes it in for periods of time.

These pollutant buildups are removable without using excessive water pressure, which can be damaging to your home’s siding. Therefore at Power Washing Houston, we utilize a soft washing technique when it comes to taking care of your greatest investment.

Soft Washing

Your home is one of the most valuable investments that you have made! It is best to trust the cleaning/washing upkeep of your home’s exterior to a professional who is skilled in the knowledge and efficiency of doing the job in the safest and most effective manner.

Power Washing Houston takes pride in staying abreast of the latest wash techniques that allow us to clean your home in a safer manner than that of the past and outdated techniques.

Our soft washing (The process by which eco-friendly soaps are applied at low pressure [50-100 psi] for the removal of organic stains on any surface while maintaining the integrity of the surface which is being washed) technique allows us to clean your home in a more thorough manner as the eco-friendly solutions attack and kill the mold spores at their roots, therefore keeping it from coming back for a longer period of time.

Soft washing eliminates the presence of high pressure, which can cause more damage than cleaning to occur on tender surfaces like stucco/Dryvit, Hardie siding, vinyl siding, and in some cases, stone and brick.

Let us soft wash your home with our eco-friendly suds and see what a difference it makes!